Davis Construction
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At Davis Construction we believe that to be leaders in an industry you need to take pride in your work, stay abreast of the latest trends in the industry, and put the clients priorities first. We also believe it is also a leader's responsibility to give back to their community. Harrison and the surrounding areas are very important to us.  We ...
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Davis Construction has a long history of building homes in the Ozarks.  In the Harrison area alone you can hardly round a corner without seeing a home that either Larry or his father has built.  With numerous custom homes under our belt, we have a design team that can help you make the most of your budget.  Linda and Brian work together...
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Davis Construction has served as a General Contractor or Construction Manager to many businesses in the Ozarks.  These contracts have been in the format of Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) or Lump Sum.  We have the experience and exceptional managment skills to attain maximum results under any contract format. With our experience...
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Utility Construction
Davis Construction provides an array of utility services - city and residential municipalities, most excavation projects, water tanks, sewer and water treatment facilities, etc.  Manned with Project Managers who are highly trained and exceedingly experienced in their field and stellar equipment we can complete most any project on tim...
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