At Davis Construction we believe that to be leaders in an industry you need to take pride in your work, stay abreast of the latest trends in the industry, and put the clients priorities first. We also believe it is also a leader's responsibility to give back to their community.





Harrison and the surrounding areas are very important to us. We like to give back to our community for supporting us and set an example by volunteering and encouraging our employees to volunteer. We have helped on numerous projects from the Hospice House of Harrison to helping the city repair a broken water line during off duty hours. We like to donate to our local Independent Living and other local school and learning organizations. Larry Davis has also served on numerous boards and committees over the years to help improve our community to the best of our communities abilities.






We feel that in order to take pride in your work you must love your job and your community. Here at Davis Construction we all enjoy our work. Our employees love what they do and we are proud of that. We hire employees that will enjoy the service they provide and feel that is what makes our staff top notch.






Our staff works together to stay current on the latest building trends, current technology, and newest laws and regulations. Davis Construction subscribes to websites, magazines and other publications to stay current on these issues. The design team also takes all of these issues in to hand and does research on new technology and items available in the building industry.






The first thing you will notice when you hire Davis Construction is you become our priority. When we are working with any client, weather it be someone building a custom home or a city putting in new water lines, we work as closely with the client or clients representative as we can to complete the project the in the most cost efficient and timely manner possible.






We can't wait to work for you! Let us take our experience, drive, and passion for what we do and make your project the best experience ever.



Davis Construction has a long history of building homes in the Ozarks.  In the Harrison area alone you can hardly round a corner without seeing a home that either Larry or his father has built. 

With numerous custom homes under our belt, we have a design team that can help you make the most of your budget.  Linda and Brian work together with draftsmen to design your dream home.  We take in to consideration all your wants and needs and do our best to deliver them to reality within your budget.

We also have a fairly extensive portfolio of Spec homes in several housing developments in the Harrison area and in recent years we have helped developed a condominium complex.  We take our design expertise and build cost effective homes that people who are moving into the area or someone who is just starting out would love to own!

“Davis Construction is the premier home builder in the North Arkansas area.  Our home was custom designed and built by Davis Construction to meet the needs and enjoyment of our family.” John Sherman, MD-People Development, FedEx Freight, Harrison, AR