About us

Our Story

Davis Construction has been a leader in residential and commercial construction in the Missouri and Arkansas Ozark Mountains for over 100 years.  Headquartered in Harrison Arkansas, Davis Construction can handle most any new home or business project that can be dreamed up.  With a friendly staff and a team dedicated to making your dreams come true, we will treat your projects as if it were our own, providing feedback and direction from the blue print design stage to the ribbon cutting ceremony and everything in between.  Developing new construction projects is important to us and we feel using an experienced team like Davis Construction helps guide you through the process seemlessly and effeciently.  Our commercial building experience includes the design, development and construction of banks, retail stores, factories, medical practices and dental clinics plus much more.   Stop by or call Davis Construction for your next construction project consultation.          

A Growing Business

Larry Davis grew up learning the business of building custom homes from his father.  In the mid 1970's he took the business over when his father retired.  He weathered the economic climate of the early 1980's and came out fighting.  He continued building custom homes throughout the '80's but worked at expanding the business. So, he began by hiring job foremen and gradually adding divisions. 

In the early 1990's he hired David Brantley who helped expand the commercial division with medical clinics, banks, schools, jails and much more.  Then in 1994 his son-in-law, Scot Matlock, came into the picture.  Scot has a long history of heavy equipment operation in his family and Davis Construction proudly added that to their protfolio by the mid to late 1990's.  Scot is currently the VP, COO.

In the early 2000's Grant Novak was added with the experience of undergroud utilties and more recently, a licensed master plumber, was added to broaden our scope with the addition of a plumbing division.  Brian Warner now heads up our residential home division along with helping Linda Davis design our custom homes in house.  Our most recent addition has been an electrical division.

We Are Here to Serve You

Like our motto "Dream, Design, Deliver" we are here to help you dream your dream, design that dream and deliver it to reality.  We work with our customers to design in house and bring them the most cost effective project possible - in all areas of our service.  We treat your budget as if it were our own!

We look forward to working with you.


Davis Construction was named Equipment World Magazine's 2009 Contractor of the year.  Larry's commitment to growth, his community service on many chairs, a teacher at our own North Arkansas College and many other services he provides to his community helped earn this nomination.  To be recongnized in the building industry on a national level was very humbling and exciting to us. Since that time we have been featured in multiple articles in Ground Breaker Magazine.

On a state and local level, we were also listed in the At Home in Arkansas Magazines, 2011 Arkansas's Best - Top 10 Builders.  In 2009 Larry Davis was named Distinguished Leader in a small business by the Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce. And we have consistently been voted Harrison's Best Contractor in the Harrison Daily times.

We Give Back

Larry's commitment to growth, his community service on many chairs, a teacher at our own North Arkansas College and many other services he provides to his community helped earn acknowledgments listed above. 

Community Service ~ Larry loves the Ozarks and does not reserve when it comes to giving back. He has a long list of community service:

Davis helped provide a caretakers residence for the Humane Society with donations of material and labor

Davis has helped provide wheelchair ramps at numerous residences at no charge

Davis donated to the Brandon Burlsworth Youth Center

Davis helped provide a gazebo at Lake Harrison with no cost to the taxpayer

Davis provided initial drafting, heavy equipment, labor, supervision and financial help for the Hospice of the Hills at no cost

Larry Davis has served two terms on the Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce

Larry currently serves on the Chamber Economic Development Committee

Davis helped repair a major water break for the city of Harrison at not cost

Davis helps the environment by recycling anything that can possibly be saved.  We have a paper recycling program in our office and recycling dumpsters in specific locations.

Davis has donated materials to Independent Living for projects they were endeavoring